Why With Us

At City Crawl, we present a variety of activities that everyone can participate in, in and around urban locations across the country. Each of these activities, vetted by our team of local experts is handpicked and curated by us, personally. We've made sure that these experiences don't take up too much of your time and are perfect for adults of any age group, travellers, residents and anyone who wants to do more and know more about the city they're in.

For tourists, we offer extensive information about the city like how to get around, what to eat, drink and wear that may be valuable to someone stepping foot in a new place for the first time. This information helps visitors get a sense of the city they are about to explore and decide for themselves, what would be a great fit.

For locals, or people looking to do something different, we have offbeat activities that are waiting for you to discover facets of your city you hadn't explored before. Away from the popular activities and swarms of people, we take you on our special journeys.

We believe in fair prices and giving you the bang for your buck. Great value and great service is something City Crawl can vouch for, which is why we offer more inclusions, local experts, a City Crawl guide and an immersive experience for most of our curated activities outdoors. So if you find yourself wondering what to do or where to go next, let City Crawl be your digital guide.